Oh My Garden! is a blog about growing and enjoying beautiful flowers and lush houseplants. Besides pretty photos (some mine, some real photographers’) and floriculture tips, you’ll find garden-related literature, gifts & curios, and maybe even a few recipes to showcase home-grown produce.

Gardening Gloves On: Horto-hobbyist

AliSI’m Alison Stegert, a starry-eyed gardening neophyte and burgeoning flower-fanatic. I’m repenting from my former plant-torturing ways and turning over a new leaf of loving-kindness to all growing things.

Join me on my gardening misadventures as I dive head-first into the potting mix, trying to work out how to make my Australian garden grow. If everything works out, I’ll end up with a pretty garden to enjoy and share. If it doesn’t, the sap of a few more dead botanicals will stain my conscience and send me to the purgatorial compost heap.

FYI – My Favourite Flowers:

Poppies, peonies, and lilacs (none of which grow in Queensland). Pansies, red geraniums and sunflowers. And home-grown roses. Oh – hibiscuses and … never mind; I love them all.

Gardening Gloves Off:  Word Nerd / Writer

When I’m not pottering in my garden, I’m plotting in my studio as writer Ali Stegert, an emerging author of children’s literature, a blogger and a content creator. Check out Spilling Ink, where I blog about kidlit books, creativity and writing. I also work part-time in marketing in the private education sector and freelance.

I hope you’ll follow O.M.Garden! down the garden path to flowery glory.

Vivat, Crescat, Floreat (Live, Grow, Flourish)


Header Photo

My end-of-winter garden. The last of my primulas bedizen the foreground while Old Faithful, my hot pink geranium, sits in the background.