(n.), lit: flower-gathering | anthos + logia |

I just learned anthology‘s Latin roots mean ‘a gathering of flowers’. Who knew? Anthos is flower in Latin and -logy refers to a collection. Apparently, when the word first came into use in the 1600s, poets metaphorically referred to their compositions as little flowers.

So my new blog, O.M.Garden! is an anthology – literally. It’s to be a gathering of bright blooms and heavenly house plants (aka, my pets) and probably pesky bugs and blights, too. I live in the sub-tropics, after all. I’ll share my photos, and other pretty pics I find.

As a reforming plant killer, O.M.Garden! will be a collection of tales of gardening misadventure. I am the silly woman who started the journey towards a green thumb by tackling roses first up. Yep, there’ll be misadventures a-plenty. The good news is I am learning lots and seeing my garden live, grow and flourish – vivat, crescat, floreat, the tagline of this blog.

I know I’ll make mistakes and have to shout out for help, so this space is where I’ll share what I learn. I hope to include interviews with horticultural heroes – both celebrity and those wonderful souls of the ma-and-pa backyard gardener variety. And naturally, being a gardening blogger gives me the perfect excuse to visit wonderful garden shops, shows and markets. I totally see myself tiptoeing through fields of tulips in the name of blogging.

Books & Flowers

To take my anthology theme one step further, this blog will bring together my two passions, books and flowers. I am confident others out in the blogosphere feel the same, because this is no new and original combination. It goes way back to Cicero, who said,

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.

Or, if you fancy Latin: Si hortum in bibliotheca habes, nihil deerit.


So watch for reviews of books that feature gardens – fiction and non-fiction, prose and poetry, along with florid word-nerdery.

Follow Me!

With a bit of luck and lots of sunshine, there shouldn’t be too much botanical carnage as I carry blithely on toward a green thumb, but I promise to be honest and share the bad with the good, the heartbreaks with the joys.

I hope you’ll join me by following and commenting on O.M.Garden!. I know I’ll need the help of a host of flower-and-literature loving friends.

Photos by Alisa Anton on Unsplash